"Dark Simplicity" A Luxury!

Dark Simplicity 54x72_150dpi.jpg

Luxury at the Hilton

Dedicated to West77

"Dark Simplicity" 54x72 - this extremely large painting was a challenge. Ladder work, tape to get the W just the way I wanted to show off the West77 Partners in a simple luxurious way. It's a comforting painting for me. Darkness can be so beautiful when it is edged with white peeking through just enough to make a feeling of comfort. In person at the Hilton Garden Bellevue the painting looks almost like velvet from the gray and black mix.

Delivery was the hardest part-surprisingly the painting was easy in comparison. We almost lost it on the back of a pick up as it slowly lifted into the air and a truck driver behind us was grinning widely imagining it was to become toothpicks under his semi wheels. Seeing his smirky face we got off the road and found extra rope (luckily), sweating we tied it back up and made it for delivery on time and in good shape. Phew, what a ride! It was worth it!


Now majestically hanging I can remember painting the darkness and feeling warm and comforted. A perfect piece for entering a hotel, going up to your luxurious room, dress up for a night on the town, come back and peacefully, comfortably rest in the darkeness.

Reflecting with Graphite Design Group

"Tower of Reflections" 30x48 Acrylic inspired by a project from Graphite Design Group 40-story under construction building in Denny Triangle, Seattle WA.

This was one of the most challenging paintings, but a learning experience for sure!

After 3 tries and struggling the light bulb came on, and I realized it was the reflections on the building, colors, and towering strength that should drive the painting.

Once I relaxed and worked the texture, softened the whole painting I felt like as though I was sitting by the water looking at a reflection, soothing, strong and brilliant thanks to Graphite.

This group of talented people know how to play with color and design. So, when you see this building as your walking around Seattle, stop and reflect on the day and time of where you are now. Visit the painting at Ryan James Gallery, March 22nd in Kirkland, Join us!


Tower of Reflection_both.jpg

Abstracts of an Architectural Nature-"Oh, I get it now!!!!"

I have to be honest and share that this event is special to me personally. It opens the door for different companies that are working on the same goal....to create brilliant projects and be proud of them and not afraid to explore a simpler view and the inspiration that occurs looking at them. I hope you come out with new connections from networking, some insight, and look at building as creating different shapes, lines, forms, etc. We are all artists. Even the construction process has it's own raw beauty shining through, from digging dirt from the earth all the way to furnishings and luxurious interiors. Yes, I simplify their forms and yet they have their own complicated stories and team work that made the projects happen. Next to each painting will be the inspiration and description which I don't normally show, but felt it was important for people to understand and say "Oh, I get it now!!!!"

I am not always understood and usually feel quite awkward around people and I know my art is still evolving and learning, but the bottom line is that I appreciate the "process" and the passion of hard work in any job and am willing to express that to you. I hope you join us for an evening of "getting it"...I'll be looking for you...

Ryan James Gallery-Kirkland, WA - Thursday March 22nd, 5pm-10pm


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Starry Starry Night with DCI Engineers

“Starry Starry Night” 36x48 inspired by DCI Project Madison Centre in Seattle WA, 37 story office bldg….Great project for DCI Engineers-37 story office tower. I kept trying to think of an appropriate title and then it was exploding in my head, the song made famous by Don McLean a tribute to Vincent Van Gogh…deep meaning lyrics that saw right into the artists thoughts and gave honor to a great artist. How appropriate with all my shapes and fun lines coming into the new world of abstract thinking.. Come see this one at Ryan James Gallery March 22nd…it will shine…

 Starry Starry night, Paint your palette blue and grey, Look out on a summer's day, With eyes that know the Darkness in my soul. Shadows on the hills, Sketch the trees and the daffodils, Catch the breeze and the winter chills…..Don McLean

Starry Starry Night_both.jpg

A Dark Garden with West77 Partners

"Dark Garden" 36x36 Acrylic Inspired by Hilton Garden Inn a project of West77 Partners a real estate investment, development and services firm in Bellevue, Wa. is a journey into balance of light and dark.

Most of my creativity happens at night in the silence of darkness when my imagination can move forward, uninterrupted, then exploding into brush and paint the next light. My dark garden offers a place of rest at an Inn somewhere beautiful with a long journey ending in light inside the dark garden. Drawing you into the circular light down a path to the end where the eyes rest just beyond the gray.

This painting and others inspired by the building community will be at the Ryan James Gallery, Kirkland opening March 22nd. Hope to see you on the dark side!

Dark Garden both.jpg

Outside the box with Blox Construction!

Who would have thought a Blox Construction would go outside their box and work with me!! Painting is "Beacon" 36x36 Acrylic, inspired by Blox Construction project Beacon Hill Townhomes, strong yet subtle tones in the painting and building is an eye catcher with a sunny cheerful attitude in the wintry season.

Showing at Ryan James Gallery 3/22 Thursday for an art show of the building community projects. I am excited to be working with them and all kinds of companies getting together to show their creative side challenging me to paint abstracts of their projects!!! Attendees will include engineers, architects, interior designers, construction, etc. and the networking will be so fun! These abstract paintings will be different sizes and affordable!

Beacon both.jpg

Northwexst Remodeling Expo-OH YES!!!

LDaniels Art first Expo - wow...cool, should be so fun! The coolest thing about expos is that you learn what is new and improved, coming up product and talking to experts in their field! Nothing keeps the winter blues away like a home improvement project. If you have to be checking off your "Honey-Do" List or the "Get 'Er Done" List go down to the expo and get as much info as you possibly can - plus get out, spend the day, have some fun since you'll be working hard on those projects, take this break! LDaniels Art will have a booth so look for us there!

Announcement Expo-big.jpg

First One Down with NAC Architects!

First One Down with NAC Architecture! As I have announced previously we have a huge fun event at Ryan James Gallery 3/22 Thursday. An art show of the building community projects with all kinds of companies gathered together to show their creative side challenging me to paint abstracts of their projects!!! Attendees will include engineers, architects, interior designers, construction, etc. and the networking will be so fun! The abstract paintings will be different sizes and affordable! "Hazel Wolf Imagined" 24x36 and (2) 9x12

Hazel Wolf

Working towards next year show with La Vida Dance Studio!

If you've seen my website, you'll notice I do some brushstroke paintings. I get my inspiration from dancers, acrobats, hip hop, anyone that can move.

Next year I will be putting on a show with La Vida Dance School and their amazingly talented dancers. It will be a mixture of live performance from the dancers, my sketches, paintings, etc. I thought I'd share the process of how we get to that event. I'm extremely excited to work with them and learn some culture and background of the dance forms.

This group will be performing at the Meydenbaur Center October 21st...I'll be there - hope you will not miss the chance to see them perform!

This group will be performing at the Meydenbaur Center October 21st...I'll be there - hope you will not miss the chance to see them perform!

"Lighted Mist" Staged to Sell

My lighthouse painting "Lighted Mist" 51x76 is perfect in this staged to sell home with a water view by talented award winning amazing designer Cindy Montgomery-she sure knows just where to put my art!  It's such an amazing difference when the art is out of the studio and put into just the right place. Cindy knows what and where to put my art like it's painted just for the space she is designing. Every time I work with her I am always blown away by the end result. Interior design is an art in itself and extremely hard work to pull in just the right details that will make the room sparkle - like light from the lighthouse! All you interior designers out there - just know you are appreciated and the beauty in your work is noticed!!!!