Art Rentals


Note: Due to limited inventory, we have to be selective about who we choose to work with. Our decisions are based off of multiple factors such as rental location, number of pieces requested, and rental term duration. 

It's as simple as 1, 2, 3, 4!

1) Pick out the art. (CLICK HERE to See our selections) 

2) Send us a message.

3) Sign a simple uncomplicated contract.

4)  We send you the art-either shipping or drop off if local-or pick-up at art studio location!!

Uncomplicated Pricing (flexible negotiating in certain cases)

Under 30" x 30" -- $30/month

Between 30" X 30"  - 48" x 48"-- $50/month

48" x 48" or Over -- $70/month

 Easy Returns

If for whatever reason you don't like your current art piece, you can swap it out with a painting of the same size that is available.  

Gallery Credits

Up to 3 months of rental payments can be put towards the purchase price of the art piece.

Commissions on Sales

If a piece is being shown at a rental property and the renter wants to buy the piece, the lessee (you) gets 30% from the sale!

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